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3fache (Triple)

The triple pelvic osteotomy according to Tönnis and Kalchschmidt

Prof. Dr. Tönnis and Dr. Kalchschmidt have developed the triple pelvic osteotomy in the mid-seventies, and since then this operation is being performed with great success at the hospital of Dortmund. The orthopaedic department is mainly specialized in the treatment of hip dysplasia and does the triple pelvic osteotomy on a daily basis.

The different steps of the operation

The pelvic bone is being cut at three different places ( pubis, ischium and ilium) and rotated, in order to achieve an optimal covering of the femoral head by the acetabulum. In order to stabilize the new position of the bones metal screws are placed, which will be removed about one year later.

Cutout of the presentation: Hip dysplasia of Dr. W. Cordier and Dr. M. Pothmann in november 2003 on invitation of the “group of self-helps on Hip displasia”

How do the further procedures look like?

In the hospital
Normally one stays in hospital for 2 to 3 weeks. On the fifth day after the operation mobilization starts and one is allowed to get up with the help of crutches, of course without putting weight on the leg on the side where the operation had been done. As one is not allowed to sit for 6 weeks, it is necessary to be able to change from lying position into standing position. In the hospital this technique is shown to you in addition with some other important physiotherapeutic exercises, which you should do several times a day.
Back home
After 6 weeks and x-ray check is done and if it is ok one is allowed to sit and also to abduct the leg. This abduction exercise is important, as this trains the muscles, which stabilize the hip. These muscles are important for a good gait later on. When a further check after 12 weeks (post operation) is ok, one is allowed to start to train the muscles and put weight on the leg of course under physiotherapeutic supervision. One starts by putting 10kg weight on the leg and increases weekly by 10kg until full weight. Important is now an intensive training of the muscles. The optimal way to do this is by rehabilitation. There one receives besides all necessary training (gymnastics, water gymnastics, treadmill, ergometer, gait training …) important hints for the daily life and the job.

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