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My hip

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When I was 25 years old, my past hip problems again caught up with me and my pain-free life was over. After a long hike I suddenly experienced stabbing pain in my right groin and hip, which subsided after a few days of rest. For a while everything seemed to be ok again, until the next wave of pain. The pain reappeared and subsided but the intervals, during which I was pain-free became shorter and shorter.

Diagnosis: Coxarthrosis

An orthopedist diagnosed me with osteoarthritis. Because of the congential hip displasia, my hip was already showing symptoms of arthrosis. It was not easy for me to come to terms with this diagnosis. I knew I was born with hip dysplasia, but I had thought, that these hip defects had been corrected by my childhood operations.

Was this not the case?

They were, however some dysplasia remained which caused these problems My doctor prescribed pain medication and physiotherapy

How will my future look like?

but I could not imagine having to take pain relievers for the rest of my life since with time I had to increase the doses to keep the pain bearable. It also affected my stomach.

Artificial hip?

An alternative would have been an artificial hip. However the doctors told me that I was too young for an artificial joint since they can only be replaced so many times. Therefore I was advised to wait for a hip replacement as long as possible. During the next 3 years I gradually came to accept my fate but depending on the activity, I experienced sometimes more, sometimes less pain and a certain degree of pain was present at all times. By chance I heard about the Staedtischen Klinik in Dortmund/Germany that specializes in "triple osteotomy" procedures.

Could I expect help from there?

My orthopedist gave me a letter of referral (Überweisungsschein) and I arranged an appointment at that hospital and wondered if they would be able to help me.

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Coxarthrose - Was ist das überhaupt?

Hüftschmerzen - Was hat mir geholfen?

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