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My hip

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How will the Clinic in Dortmund judge the condition of my hip?

In the spring of 1996 I had my first appointment at the Staedtischen Klinik in Dortmund/Germany.

Once there I realized that I was not the only one with this problem. The waiting room was full of young people who suffered from the same pain I did.

After waiting quite a long time my name was called and with much anxiety I entered the doctor's office. The doctor was very friendly and when he saw my x-ray he already recognized what my problem was. He already knew my medical condition.

A friend of mine had advised me to write down all the questions I wanted to ask. Now I was happy to have this piece of paper because I was very nervous and would have forgotten all I wanted to ask.

What was the reason for the pain?

My pain was caused by

1) the gradual deterioration of my hip joint (coxarthrosis) and
2) a torn "labrum glenoidale"

I was already aware of having arthrosis. But how about this torn "labrum glenoidale"? In medical literature it is described as a "cartilaginous lip" surrounding some of the joints. As a patient I did not really understand it. All I knew was that my "labrum glenoidale" was torn, because the front covering of my hip was missing.

A triple osteotomy would take care of the missing hip covering, thus eliminating the pain, or at least reducing it because of the already existing arthrosis.

Missing covering of my hip?

This was not new to me as I remembered the operation I underwent when I was 10 years old.
Now I learned that the "Pfannendachplastik" had given me a sufficient covering on the side, but not on the front.

This could be corrected with a triple pelvic osteotomy.
During this operation pubis, ischium and ilium are cut so that the acetabulum could be rotated, in order to achieve an optimal covering of the femoral head to the side and to the front.

This was reasonable and promising!


I shutter when I think about the risks. Unfortunately it is the duty of every doctor to tell you everything that could go wrong. Fortunately these are exceptions, like the side effects listed on the drug package inserts. Nevertheless I decided to go ahead with the operation.

When will the operation happen?

This took time! Because of the successful triple pelvic osteotomy operations in this clinic the number of patients increases steadily. My operation was scheduled for the fall of 1998, which meant that I had to live the next 2 1/2 years with pain, But because of a beginning arthrosis I was placed on the priority waiting list and hopefully could with some luck take the place of a patient who for whatever reasons cancelled his operation.

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