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My hip

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I have now shared my knowledge and experiences with you but have not yet mentioned how my condition is today.

I am content with the outcome. I am experiencing less pain today because of the 1997 triple pelvic osteotomy of my right hip but I am not completely pain free. My hip was already showing signs of deterioration so the success of my triple pelvic osteotomy is limited. The less a joint deteriorates the better the results of corrective osteotomy surgery will be. No deterioration at all would be ideal.

Nevertheless I was quite satisfied with the results and decided to undergo the same procedure on my left side in October 2001. Since my left hip had not shown any signs of athrosis it is now a "good" hip, despite some complications during the recovery process.

A " good hip"? Of course my hip is not completely normal. The hip dysplasia and the resulting consequences will be with me for quite some time. I am sensitive to weather changes and experience pain after putting to much stress on my hip.

Remembering how bad my condition was, how much medication I had to take and how desperate I was before my operations I am grateful for finding out about these kinds of procedures and the quality of life they made possible.

I have stopped taking medication, however if I exercise too hard I need them now and then. I am still exercising my muscles so that one day I will be able to walk long distances normally. Although it has been a long and hard road to this point, I would have the operation again, after all I think it was worth it.

Which hospital?

The triple pelvic osteotomy according to Tönnis and Kalchschmidt originated in Dortmund. Today it is also performed at other hospitals like the Rolandsclinic in Bremen and the Lutheran Hospital in Unna.

I personally had opted for Dortmund, yet my homepage is by no means an advertisement for Dortmund or any other hospital. I am providing it only as a source of information for people affected by hip dysplasia.

There are clearly other excellent hospitals, which perform hip treatments, but I can only report of my experiences in Dortmund and do not want to recommend any hospitals or influence anybody in their decisions. A hospital should also be chosen for the preferred operation method.

Which operation suits my needs best?

Although I was satisfied with the result of my triple osteotomy, this does not mean that this is the optimal solution for everybody. Hip dysplasia is a condition which differs from individual to individual and requires specialised proceedings. The triple osteotomy is only one of the possible joint-preserving operation methods.

Since I am not a surgeon I cannot judge which one is the best. Opinions vary from doctor to doctor, I would recommend that everybody with this condition should obtain a second opinion from a specialist before undergoing a treatment or operation

Should I really do it?

It is not an easy decision to proceed with the operation. It was a tough one for me.
I asked myself over and over:

What will happen to me?
Will I be able to endure all this?
How will I cope after the operation?
What can I expect from the operation?
Will I be pain free afterwards?

Unfortunately nobody can answer these questions.
As for me the experiences of other affected people helped me a lot at that time.

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