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My hip

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The prologue to my hip story

My hip dysplasia was diagnosed when I was 2 years old. I didn't want to or couldn't walk.

The orthopedist who diagnosed a hip dysplasia at that time initiated an immediate extension treatment of my hips. Afterwards I had to wear a special harness, which kept my legs apart and at the correct angle.
However the result of this conservative (non operative) treatment was not satisfying enough and therefore I had my first operation at the age of 3.

It corrected the angle of the femoral head on my left and on my right hip. When I was 5 years old this surgery needed to be repeated since the femoral head had again grown into a "straight direction". The position of the femoral head was modified in order to fit better into the acetabulum.

Unfortunately this correction was not sufficient and I underwent a correction of the acetabulum when I was 10 years old. During this operation, the so called "Pfannendachplastik"(hip joint (socket) remodelling), the acetabulum was enlarged with a piece of bone taken out of the iliac crest and a better covering of the femoral head was achieved.


Both of my hips had been corrected and until my 25th birthday I felt ok, had no pain and could finally enjoy life.

However my bad gait was a constant reminder of my past hip problems. Because of the osteotomy of the femoral head during my childhood the glutaeus medius muscle which is mainly responsible for the stability of the hip and prevents limping, was badly damaged.

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